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Ming was holding a booth at the Okotoks farmers market in the fall 2016. It was our first farmers market and it was fun. The best thing was we did spread out the words and share our vermi composting experience over there, 

Our beautiful sunflowers were in full bloom in July 2016. We harvested over 1000 big heavy heads all full of large black oil sunflower seeds. They make excellent chicken feed in winter time. 

We harvested the sunflower seed for the chicken. Then we shredded all the spent flowers, leaves and stems and composted them into 2 big piles(6 cubic yards each pile). These organic materials will be ready for the worms to eat by the spring time.

Ming was attending the Startup Pitch Competition semi-final in fall 2016. We are proud to announce that Global Worming was one of the best 8 new business ideas in Calgary selected by FM 94.7 Multi Culture Radio Station.

our potato field in summer 2022

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