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Worm casting is just a fancy name for worm poop! Remember when a tomato was bright red, juicy inside, and bursting with tomato flavor? We do. Unfortunately, too many Canadian no longer know what a real tomato or a real anything else tastes like anymore, thanks for the mega-farming and over use of synthetic fertilizers. We love to help farmers and gardeners to bring those juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, sweet carrots, and every other tasty vegetables back on to our dinner table by introducing nature’s best fertilizer – nutrient rich, organic worm castings from our wiggly little friends. 

Here in Global Worming, our hard-working worms are turning various kinds of organic wastes into nutrient-rich worm castings day and night. Lab test shows that our worm castings hold average 70 times more available nutrients (N, P, K, S plus all the trace elements) than the best local top soil does. These beautiful soil amendments, unlike synthetic fertilizers, will not burn your plants in any concentration, will not release any toxic chemicals into the field to imbalance the soil and will not contaminate the ground water. Worm castings also improve the water holding capacity in the soil. They will also attract more native earth worms into your garden for the reasons only known by worms.

One of our big dreams is to produce truck loads and truck loads of worms castings and put them back onto many places around the world where topsoil erosion is a problem due to over farming and misuse of synthetic fertilizers. By doing this, we can ensure our future generations will be able to enjoy the same beautiful planet as we live on now.

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