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My family is trying to produce most of our own food. That is why we have chicken. First, a few dozens little chicks arrived…And now, they are full grown and laying eggs daily. Our chickens are robust, and so is the demand for their tasty eggs!

Free ranged chicken are fun to watch. There is nothing better than watching them roaming the pasture, playing on their goofiness... They are friendly, sweet, smart and spunky – and WE LOVE THEM DEARLY!

We feed our birds certified organic layer ration, alfalfa hay and whole wheat. The taste of their eggs? Absolutely exquisite. Once you have fresh farm eggs, you really can’t go back to the store-bought variety. I have always been a yolk-person – but I honestly never knew that egg yolks could be like this! So big and bright – and flavorful!

Our eggs are for local pick up only. Sorry no shipping or delivery. Supply is limited so please call and reserve your eggs before you come. 

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