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Stackable worm farm package


This small worm farm is a great alternative for a compost heap if you don’t have the room. Just feed the worms your fruit peelings and veggie scraps and they will be happy to provide you with organic fertilizer.


Our worm farm package includes:


*A lid with holes for aeration.

*Three working trays with holes in the bottom to let the worms crawl through.

*One bottom tray to collect the extra moisture.

*One hundred adult size Red Wiggler worms.

*Some dry worm food and bedding materials to let you start with.

*A user's manual.


The principle is simple: Composting worms will naturally migrate upwards toward the new bedding and food. Once they all migrate up through the holes in each tray, you harvest the remaining castings in the tray below and then add the empty tray to the top of the stack.


Red Wigglers multiply quickly if fed well so you start with 100 worms and will have 200 to 400 worms in about 2 to 3 months. At maximum capacity the system can handle upto 2 lbs of organic wastes and bedding materials every week and produce about 2 litres of dry worm castings for your garden every month.


Have you got kids? A worm farm is great for small kids because they love getting dirty in the garden. Kids will love to take care of your new pets plus they can learn recycling their own food scraps while you become a part of the revolution to reduce landfill and greenhouse gases!


This package can be picked up in DeWinton AB by appointment or add $20 we can ship it anywhere in Canada within 5 business days by Canada Post guaranteed express service.

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